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Bureau of Public Procurement Departments and Units

Bureau of Public Procurement Departments and Units

Bureau of Public Procurement

Bureau of Public Procurement Departments and Units

The Bureau in operation is structured into seven (7) Departments and four (4) units under the headship of the Director-General who is the Chief Executive Officer and Accounting Officer of the Agency.

The (Seven) departments and (four) units with their functions are listed as follows:

1.         Administration and Human Resources Departments

  1. Coordination of the activities of the staff in line with Public Services Rules and other extant Regulations.
  2. Manpower Planning Development and Training for BPP staff, Procurement Cadres, and other external stakeholders.
  3. Coordinate relevant training programs to build institutional capacity
  4. Appointment, Discipline and Pension
  5. Promotion, Posting and Transfer of both BPP Staff and Procurement Cadre
  6. Staff Welfare Matters.
  7. Implementation of Administrative Policies and Programmes.
  8. Inventory control of Organization Resources


2.         Appeal Management, Resolution, and Quality Assurance Department

  1. Act upon complaints in accordance with the procedures set out in the law.
  2. Conduct Right-of-Reply Meetings to resolve complaints where necessary.
  3. Call for the production of books of accounts, plans and documents and examine persons or parties in connection with procurement proceedings under petition or complaint.
  4. Conduct quality assurance activities on reviews conducted by the Bureau before release to external stakeholders.
  5. Ensure continuous improvement of the quality of processes and operations of the Bureau.

3.         Digital Procurement Department

  1. Registration of contractors in accordance with pre-set criteria and guidelines
  2. Appropriate renewal of contractor’s registration
  3. Issuance and renewal of Certification of Registration of Contractors
  4. Conduct due diligence and validation of the Contractor’s claims.
  5. Maintain the database of the particulars and classification and Categorization of Contractors and Service Providers
  6. Collate and maintain in an archival system all State Procurement Plans and Information
  7. Maintain the BPP Web Portal
  8. Manage and maintain the e-procurement Portal.
  9. Maintain the State Database of Standard Prices in synergy with the Bureau of Statistics.
  10. Monitor the price of Procurement Contracts
  11. Maintain an archival system for the electronic Procurement Journal


4.         Finance and Accounts Department

      1. Keep and maintain proper accounting records (Book of Accounts) e.g. cash Books, DVEA Books, Personal ledgers, Main Ledgers, Subsidiary Ledgers Personal Advances Ledgers etc.
      2. Render all Returns, Capital and Recurrent Expenditure, Personal Advances, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Salary Reconciliation, and other relevant information on accounting to appropriate authorities as at when due.
      3. Administration of salaries and allowances in accordance with Financial Regulations.
      4. Disbursement of Approval Funda in compliance with financial regulations.
      5. Ensure stringent compliance with Financial Regulations and Accounting codes by all stakeholders.
      6. Prepare the Final Accounts/Financial Statement of the Bureau.
      7. Custodian of Security Documents
      8. Prepare the Annual Appropriation report of the Bureau
      9. Preparation, Monitoring and Evaluation of Budget


5.         Monitoring & Evaluation, Compliance and Enforcement Department

      1. Monitoring of Public Procurement activities across all procuring entitles
      2. Evaluating Public Procurement activities based on pre-defined
      3. objectives, outcomes and impacts
  1. Supervise and monitor compliance and procuring entities to implementation of the procurement law, policies, regulations, manuals and circulars.
  2. Recommend enforcement of applicable sanctions in the Public Procurement Law on defaulting procuring entities and any other procurement actors.
  3. Develop, strengthen and foster Participatory Monitoring through training and engagement of stakeholders.
  4. Regularly review and propose revisions for procurement policies, regulations, circulars and other procurement documents to improve procurement practices in the states.
  5. Coordinate the conduct of Post Review activities such as Procurement Audit, Procurement Surveillance, On-demand Spot Check etc.
  6. Maintain a list of firms and persons that have been debarred from participating in procurement activity.


6.         Procurement Review Department

      1. Carry out Prior Review of Procurement of Goods, Works and Services above set Prior Review Thresholds for issuance of Certificate of “No Objection”.
      2. Ensure all prior review procurement activities carried out by procuring entities are in compliance with the Public Procurement (Amendment) Law, 2021 and the Bureau Procurement Guidelines/Manual and Circulars
      3. Prevent fraudulent and unfair Procurement


7.         Procurement Research and Strategic Planning, Department

      1. Develop, monitor and update strategic plans and initiatives for the Bureau.
      2. Coordinate the conduct of Procurement Research and Surveys
      3. Coordinate the liaison with relevant bodies or institutions, National and
      4. International, for the effective performance of the Bureau’s functions
      5. Coordinate the database unit to ensure data-driven decision-making for effective oversight and policy decision-making.
      6. Coordinate the liaison with the Ogun State Bureau of Statistics on data-related matters.
      7. Preparation, Monitoring, and control of the Bureau’s Annual Budget
      8. Liaison with relevant stakeholders on budget and financial matters
      9. Develop and promote appropriate research methods in the collection, collation and rendering of monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
      10. Rendering of returns to appropriate Agencies
      11. Liaison with Finance and Account Department in the Processing of Payment Vouchers



a.         Internal Audit Unit

i.          Ensure that the programme of audit is extended to cover all the records of the Bureau

ii.         Put adequate safeguard in place for prevention or prompt detection of fraud and loss of cash.

iii.        Ensure that the system of control of the collection of revenue is adequate and that all money received has been promptly brought to account, to the correct head and subhead.

iv.         Ensure that the system for control of expenditure is adequate and that all payments made are properly authorized and correct, that they are paid purpose for which they were authorized

            v.          Prepare quarterly, Half-Year and Annual Audit Reports


b.         Legal Unit

i.          Provide legal advice to the Bureau on all procurement and non-procurement matters

ii.         Provide legal input to the development and revision of procurement regulations, guidelines and circulars


c.         Media, Public Relations & Protocol Unit

i.          Coordinate publicity and publications geared towards educating stakeholders on the provisions of this law

ii.         Publish the details of contracts above thresholds in the Procurement Journal and electronic editions of the Procurement

iii.        Publish the list of firms and persons that have been debarred in the Procurement journal

iv.         Carry out activities that relate to positively projecting the image of the Bureau

            v.          Ensure appropriate liaison with the Ogun State Ministry of Information

            vi.        Carry out Protocol functions for all engagements for the Bureau and the



d.         Procurement Unit

i.          Advertise and solicit bids in compliance with guidelines issued by the Bureau from time to time.

ii.         receive and maintain appropriate documentation for bids received, examine bids received, obtain a Certificate of ‘No Objection” to Contract Award from the Bureau of Public Procurement, and Make submissions to the entity’s Tenders’ Board.

            iii.        Debrief the bid losers on request

            iv.         Resolve complaints and disputes if any

            v.          Obtain and confirm the validity of any performance guarantee

            vi         Announce and publicize contract awards.

            vii.       Ensuring strict adherence to all extant regulations and procedures on procurement and contract awards.