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The responsibilities of the Compliance and Initiatives Department (CID) in Ogun State Ministry of Finance varies, depending on the specific policies, regulations, and priorities of the state government. The department operates with three (3) distinct and effective units which are Revenue unit, Compliance Unit and Initiatives/Investigation unit.

Generally, the department is involved in a range of activities related to ensuring Financial Compliance, Managing Initiatives of the government, and supporting the Overall Financial Health of the State. The department engages with all government Ministries, Departments and Agencies with such activities that connotes effective Revenue Monitoring for the purpose of blocking leakages; carries out Compliance and Substantive test of transactions which yield to the government value for money in a sustainable manner as well as contributing to the Digitalisation of Revenue Assessment, Collection and Reporting processes in the State.

Here are some of the responsibilities:

  1. Regulatory Compliance: Here, the Department is stay informed about the Federal and State Financial Regulations, ensuring that the Ministry’s financial activities comply with all relevant laws and regulations as well as the development and implementation of internal policies and procedures to ensure compliance at all quarters.
  1. Revenue and Expenditure Compliance Oversight: The Compliance and Initiatives Department of the State Ministry of Finance also coordinate with government MDAs on internal and external auditors reporting, identifying and addressing compliance issues and providing documentations and reports that are evidence based.
  1. Development of Policies and Guidelines: The Compliance and Initiatives department also contribute to the development of financial policies and guidelines of the State Government. It also collaborates with other relevant stakeholders in updating and revising policies where necessary, and ultimately ensuring that revenue policies align with the overall goals and objectives of the State Government.
  1. Risk Management: When carrying out the Compliance activities on various Initiatives, programmes and projects of the government, the inherent financial risks associated with various MDAs activities are to be  identified and assessed. Strategies to mitigate and manage the financial risks should be developed while monitoring and reporting are to be made on such management initiatives (Programmes and Projects).
  1. Initiatives Management: CID collaborate with other MDAs of the government to identify and implement their financial initiatives, evaluate the impact of new initiatives on financial compliance sustainability as well as providing guidance and support for the successful implementation of financial projects.
  1. Government Assets safeguard: The department, through its compliance review, ensures state’s assets and interests are safe from the losses of all kind, including those arising from irregularities, corruption or fraud.
  1. Reporting and Documentation: Compliance and Initiatives Department prepares and submit reports of activities to relevant authorities, maintains accurate and up-to-date financial records and documentation while ensuring transparency and accountability in financial reporting on a sustainable manner.

8. Training and Awareness: Compliance and Initiatives department conduct training sessions for staff and revenue officers on financial compliance and best practises. We also raise awareness about importance of Compliance and its impact on the State’s financial health

  1. Coordination with Other MDAs: Compliance and Initiatives Department collaborates with other MDAs and units under them to ensure a cohesive approach to financial management as well as provide support and guidance to the units regarding compliance issues, including the Ministry of Finance. 
  1. Advisory Role: Compliance and Initiatives Department serves as a resource for the ministry's leadership on financial compliance matters; provides advice and recommendations on financial initiatives and strategies


  1. Continuous Improvement: At CID, we regularly assess and evaluate the effectiveness of our compliance processes, recommend and implement improvements to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
  1. Board Member: Compliance and Initiatives Department also serve as a member of the Ministry’s Departmental and Ministerial Tenders Board.
  1. Others: CID also carries out other Compliance and Initiatives activities that are assigned by the Honourable Commissioner and/or Accounting  Officer from time to time.

It is important to note that the specific responsibilities of the Compliance and Initiatives Department is dynamic and may evolve based on changes in government priorities, economic conditions, and regulatory landscapes.

The department plays a crucial role in maintaining financial integrity, ensuring adherence to regulations, and supporting the achievement of the state's financial objectives.