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Vision, Mission and Mandate

Vision, Mission and Mandate

Bureau of Public Procurement

Vision, Mission and Mandate

VisionTo regulate Ogun State Public Procurement to a level that is vividly at par with
              international best practices.

MissionTo ensure transparency, competitiveness, fairness, professionalism, and
              value-for-money-driven deployment of government funds through Sustainable Public Procurement.

MandateModeration of Public Procurement in Ogun State


  • Accountability: We seek to promote the concept of responsibility for every government procurement process.
  • Transparency: We aim to achieve a clear and transparent public procurement process.
  • Professionalism: We are committed to maintaining the highest professional standards in all that we do.
  • Value-For-Money: We are equally committed to getting the highest value possible for every money spent in the procurement process.


  • Harmonisation of existing government policies and practises on Public Procurement and ensuring integrity, accountability and transparency in the procurement process.
  • The establishment of pricing standards and benchmarks.
  • Ensuring the application of fair, competitive, transparent, value-for-money standards and practices for the procurement and disposal of public assets and services, and
  • The attainment of transparency, competitiveness, cost-effectiveness and professionalism in the Public Sector Procurement System