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Departmental Information


Ogun State Primary Health Care Development Board was created on 8th January, 2009. It was established to make preventive health care service delivery affordable, available and accessible to the rural populace and saddled with the responsibility of coordinating all primary health care activities in the 20 local government areas in the State in line with the policies of the Federal Ministry of Health and National Primary Health Care Development Agency, the overall coordinating Agency. Some of the primary health care programmes coordinated by this Agency include Nutrition, Immunization and Reproductive Health. These programmes are actively supported by foreign Developmental Partners, namely WHO, UNICEF, and UNFPA.

The Bill setting up the Agency was signed into Law by the immediate past Governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel on 7th April, 2010.


The Board was established to perform the following functions;

  1. ensure coordination of planning, budgetary provision and monitoring of all primary health care services in the State;
  2. domesticate and disseminate policies, guidelines and standard operating procedure developed and produced by the National Primary Health Care Development Agency and Federal Ministry of Health on Primary Health Care Service delivery;

(c)      advise the Governor and Local Government Areas Health Authorities

in the State   on any matter regarding primary healthcare services in

the State;

(d)     recruit, promote, post, transfer, train, and discipline staff on grade

level 07 and above;

(e)    pay salaries and allowances to primary healthcare staff;

(f)    disburse funds provided to it by the National Primary Health Care

        Development Agency and other sources;

(g)   undertake capital projects;

(h)   Ensure that annual reports are rendered by primary healthcare facilities in the     Local Government Health Authorities;

(i)     ensure annual auditing of accounts of primary healthcare facilities in

the Local Government Health Authorities;

(j)     consider applications for, and issue Certificate of Needs and Standard

to appropriate primary healthcare institution in its area of jurisdiction;

(k)    perform such functions as may be assigned to it by the Governor or any

other recognized authority;

(l)     hold quarterly meeting to review Primary Health Care activities in the

twenty Local Government Area Authorities in the State;

(m)   hold bi-annual meetings with the Local Government Area Chairmen to

review their support to Primary Healthcare in their various Local

Government Area Authorities;

(n)    monitor activities of Local Government Primary Health Authorities on

appointments, discipline and promotion of employees on GL. 01 to 06

in order to ensure that the guidelines are strictly and uniformly adhered to

(o)   serve as the appellate body for all dismissal/retirement petition from aggrieved Primary Healthcare employees on GL. 01 to 06; and

(p)   approve promotions for health employees on 01 to 06 as recommended by Local Government Health Authority.